Essential Cleaning Products for Professional Cleaners

As a professional cleaner, having the right cleaning products is crucial for delivering top-notch results efficiently. Let’s explore the must-have cleaning products and solutions that can significantly elevate your cleaning game. From commercial spaces to residential areas, these essentials will ensure you achieve impeccable cleanliness every time.

All-Purpose Cleaners

Versatility is key for a professional cleaner, and an effective all-purpose cleaner is a cornerstone of your toolkit. Look for a cleaner that can tackle various surfaces, cutting through grease and grime effortlessly. This saves time and ensures consistent results across different cleaning scenarios. Some of our popular all-purpose surface cleaners:

Enzyme Wizard - All Purpose Surface Cleaner

Agar Magic Neutral All Purpose Detergent

Citro Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Microfiber Cloths

Say goodbye to lint and streaks with the power of microfiber cloths. These tiny fibers capture dust and dirt, making them ideal for dusting, wiping surfaces, and achieving a streak-free shine on glass and mirrors. They are reusable and environmentally friendly, making them a sustainable choice for professional cleaners. Some of our popular microfiber cloths:

Sabco Microfibre Cloth

Edco Microfibre Dusting Cloth (Pack of 3) Premium Quality

Vileda Professional PVA Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

High-Quality Mop and Bucket

For efficient floor cleaning, invest in a high-quality mop and bucket. Consider features such as adjustable handles, durable mop heads, and a bucket with a wringer for effective water control. This combination ensures that your floor cleaning is not only thorough but also minimises strain on your back and arms. Some of our popular mops and buckets:

Oates Ezy Squeeze Bucket Wringer Blue 15 Litre

Oates Modacrylic Mops 350mm Orange

Oates Contractor Wringer Mop Bucket 15Lt

Oates Fringe Modacrylic Dust Control Mop

Sabco Dust Control Mop 600mm

Commercial Mopping Combo Mop Head with Handle

Sabco Divided Pail for Fresh and Dirty Water

Window Cleaning Solutions

Crystal-clear windows are a mark of a job well done. Stock up on professional-grade window cleaning supplies that cut through built-up grime and leave windows sparkling. Ensure your arsenal includes squeegees, high-quality microfiber cloths, and a streak-free window cleaner for pristine results. Some of our popular window cleaning products:

Research Products Halo Glass Cleaner

Agar Flash Dry Window Cleaner

Whiteley Clear Reflection Window Cleaner

Enzyme Wizard Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner

Eureka Sparklex Window Cleaning Concentrate Solutions

Oates Soft Grip Window Squeegee

Eureka Brass Squeegee Set 10" to 18"

Disinfectants and Sanitisers

Maintaining a hygienic environment is paramount, especially in the current climate. Choose effective disinfectants and sanitisers to eliminate germs and bacteria on surfaces. Ensure they comply with health standards and are suitable for various surfaces in both residential and commercial settings. Some of our popular sanitisers and disinfectants:

Agar Citrastar Kitchen Food Safe Sanitiser

Agar Single Step Food Grade Sanitiser and Cleaner

Agar Powerquat Twin Chain Sanitizer

Chlorinated Concentrated Thick Bleach

Floor Cleaners and Polish:

Different flooring surfaces require different care. Invest in quality floor cleaners suitable for the specific floors you encounter most frequently. Additionally, having a reliable floor polish can provide that extra shine for hard floors, leaving a lasting impression on your clients. Some of our popular floor cleaners and polishes:

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